Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arrogant? ... No. ..... Entitled? ... Certainly!

There have been some recent articles in the media claiming that some people see PM Harper as being arrogant. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. PM Harper is merely playing his role as PM. Take for instance the case of PM Harper only agreeing to take 5 questions from the press each day. This is perfectly normal. In a busy day there is only so much time available, and it is a waste of time to keep answering the same questions over and over again. Don"t forget that the PM, unlike his opponents, also has a country to run. Clearly the PM is entitled to a little slack on this one.

There have also been complaints about access to events being restricted to supporters only. Well what do you expect? Do you really want the prospect of our PM being heckled by opposition riff raff? Surely our PM is entitled to a little more respect than that. (Heck, even the former President of the USA, that much beloved man of the people, President George Bush II, used to use similar filtering systems for his events.)

RHIP (rank has it's privileges), so of course as PM Mr. Harper is in a different league than his opponents. He has already proven that he can be trusted as PM (That little thing about turning a surplus into a deficit is just that, a little thing. Who could have known that cutting taxes would also cut revenue?). Meanwhile those other pretenders to the throne have yet to prove that they can run anything. That's why they need to be subjected to far greater scrutiny and why for example we should stop pestering him about the G-20 auditors report (Hey, a little pork is just part of the job, and a billion is "just a little bit", just a bunch of zeros after all).

PM Harper on the other hand merely has to explain how much easier his job would be were he to have a majority. To do so it is not necessary to face unfriendly crowds or pesky reporters. That is why, despite any appearance to the contrary, PM Harper is not being arrogant, he is just being "entitled".

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