Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tax Cuts

Today's mantra - remember to repeat it 10 times a day - is "all tax cuts or tax credits are GOOD".

Here at "Sheeple for Harper" we get a lot of letters (lots of letters, but strangely not too many e-mails) asking about tax cuts and credits as well as offering new ideas for tax cuts and credits.

Miss Q. in Ontario wrote to us complaining how her public transit tax credit has been taken away from her by local government bureaucrats. She explains that last year her children had to buy bus passes to go to high school and therefore she was able to claim the public transit tax credit. Unfortunately this year the local education bureaucrats expanded the free transit range to include her subdivision. Now her children no longer have to buy bus passes so she can no longer claim the public transit tax credit. She writes that this is not fair.

We at "Sheeple for Harper" heartily agree that Miss Q. has suffered. We have passed on a memo explaining her situation to the Harper campaign. It is every Canadian's right to be able to claim a tax credit irrespective of where they live. Receiving tax credits, no matter how small, how useless, how ridiculous or how economically distorting is a basic Canadian right.

Take for example the proposed fitness tax credit for adults. Clearly the past practice of only giving tax credits for children's fitness was discriminatory. Expanding it to cover adults was thus natural appropriate.  Here at "Sheeple for Harper" we expect that by the end of the campaign PM Harper will have added a "learning art/music for adults" tax credit to supplement the learning arts/music tax credit for children. We see tax credits as the most effective way to buy encourage voter support. We fully expect the following tax credits to be added before the end of the campaign:

  • a once a month "family night out" credit (for anyone with a family) so that families will be able to eat out together
  • a bottle of wine/scotch once a week tax credit (for anyone that drinks alcohol)
  • a cemetery preservation tax credit (to help cover the costs of maintaining your grave site, after you have occupied it) 
  • a Swiss Chalet night out tax credit  (to benefit all seniors, and all chicken producers) to cover a meal out every 3 months
  • a nature beautification tax credit to help out all those backyard gardeners cover the cost of beautifying their gardens

That is just a small selection of the tax credits we see coming down the line. So, if you have a business that would benefit from some inflated demand, just send along your details and we will will pass them on to the campaign.

We have already had very positive reports from local businesses that the tax credits have increased demand for their services/products and allowed them to increase their prices by far more than they had planned. One gym told us "this is like Christmas in April man. We have not seen business this good in ages, and people don't even seem to care about the price of the memberships because they know they are getting a tax credit. Thank you PM Harper."

So there you have it. PM Harper's tax credits are stimulating your local economy, allowing local businesses to make even higher profits. As more and more credits get rolled out the impact will only intensify. And, thanks to the wonders of deficit spending you won't ever have to pony up for these credits. It will all be put off until your children are old enough to pay taxes themselves. Don't you love conservative economics? "Always a free lunch".


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