Sunday, April 10, 2011

The F-35's will make money for Canada.

Well fellow sheeple, I'm sure you are hearing a lot of disinformation about PM Harper's decision to buy Canada some badly overdue, really kick ass stealth jet fighters. There are scaremongers out there trying to tell you Canada can't afford these fighters, that they will be too expensive and that they are not the fighters Canada really needs. To this we say "Rubbish".

Before we get into the emotional issues involved (remember always stick to emotions and just ignore those painfully pesky facts), let's just review how much money jet fighters have already made for Canada in just the last few weeks. By having jet fighters available to bomb Libya Canada has helped the international coalition to increase the price of oil by at least $15 a barrel. With 2 million barrels a day of exports that has already been worth an extra $30 million a day to Canada. So what we have is every 2.5 days Canada gains enough from the Libyan use of force to buy 1 new jet fighter. If we can help keep this stalemate going for only 6 months the new jet fighters will be all paid for - WOW talk about a value for money investment!

Sure there are those that claim the fighters will actually cost more, maybe double. Who cares? Just keep the Libya thing a ma jig going for one year and that increase (which won't happen anyway) would be covered too. We sheeple know that the military pays its way. Real conservatives know that guns are good, big guns are even better, and high tech stealth fighters ... well they are positively phallic.

There are those that say Canada does not need stealth fighter aircraft, especially now in tough economic times. To that, we sheeple say baaack off. Canada needs to take its rightful place in the world warrior community (enough of this Lester B. Pearson namby pamby peace keeping crap). So what if we don't border on any enemy or potential enemy (except the one selling us the jet fighters that is). So what if we have to cut social programs to pay for the jet fighters (after all the poor would just use the money to buy more junk food and cigarettes, increasing our medical costs anyway). So what if we don't know how much they are going to ultimately cost (everyone knows a conservative does not need a budget. He just makes the hard decision, borrows the money, and gets on with life).

Always remember that is is important that PM Harper have a fully equipped state of the art air force at the ready whenever he goes overseas, or has to negotiate with foreign powers, or goes out for lunch at the Chateau Laurier.He needs to be able to walk with his head held high because all the other members of the alliance will have brought along their planes too. There's the UK with 138 planes (cut to less than 40 because of budgetary constraints), Norway with 4 F-35 trainers (decision put on hold), Holland 85 planes (not sure now that the price has climbed and the budget deficit worsened), Turkey with 100 (indefinitely on hold) and Israel with 79 (now 19).

So the bottom line is Canada needs a military, it needs an air force, and so it needs the best fighter aircraft money can buy, even if we don't have it right now (the money that is). Just remember the military can make the money back as long as they can help keep the Libyan oil off line (and oil prices high) for a year or so. If they can find a way to add in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, or even Iran into the mix then the payback can be even faster.

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