Saturday, April 16, 2011

Harper is "Anti-Crime"

Great news today. The CBC is reporting that Stephen Harper is "Anti-Crime" (Harper touts anti-crime agenda) Take that Liberals, NDPers and Blocs. I have yet to see any media reports of your leaders being "anti-crime". Only PM Harper has so far come out and taken such a courageous and principled stand.

Let's be honest here fellow sheeple. We don't know why we have crime and we don't know why it keeps increasing decreasing, but as sheeple we do know that something has to be done about it. We know in our gut that criminals are getting away with something (what they are getting away with we are not too sure about, but we know it must be something - they are criminals after all). That's why we need more prisons, more prison guards, higher walls on the prisons, more drugs drug testing in the prisons, more police, and more guns on the streets in our homes, smaller federal budget deficits, and lower taxes (especially on guns and ammunition). We know that, through the conservative principals of voodoo economics, it is possible to both spend lots more money on fighting crime and criminals, and yet still be able to save money. We know PM Harper will explain all of this to us once he receives his majority.

Make sure though my fellow sheeple that you do not pay attention to the news out of the UK these days. Its seems that the Tories over there have not been listening closely enough to what PM Harper is saying. Why just today the Justice Secretary in the UK (supposedly a Conservative) came out with the following statement "prison is a waste of money". He went on to say that the rate of jail sentencing is "financially unsustainable". All I can say is it is a very good thing PM Harper does not pay much attention to what actually goes on away from Sussex Drive, or to anything that conflicts with his own pig-headed "from the gut" ideology, because you know what they say about facts.....


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