Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PM Harper has made you rich!

As we get close to the end of the campaign you will hear more and more from the opposition trying to scare you by telling you all the horrible things that will happen once PM Harper gets his majority. As we have said before, just ignore this talk. PM Harper has only your best interests at heart. He is in no way like the power obsessed, arrogant, humourless, controlling, manipulative dictator that he sometimes comes across as. That perception is just the result of the image obsessed media world that we live in. It has no basis in reality, no matter what your eyes and ears tell you.

In today's message I want to explain to you just why PM Harper is on the verge of attaining a majority. It is very simple. He has made many, many Canadians rich. And who would not vote for more of that!

While so many of our American cousins have been ravaged by the recession and most of all by their collapse in house prices, PM Harper has taken action to make sure that the Canadian housing bubble stays "blown up", at least until after the election.

That's right, the increase in housing prices, especially since PM Harper took office has made many many Canadians richer than they can ever have hoped (at least those Canadians that own homes that is - if you were too slow to buy that's your own fault, what were you thinking, that house prices should actually be correlated to income, Geesh!). The combination of low interest rates, high immigration, and super easy mortgage terms have perfectly inflated the bubble so that all of us home owners benefit.

Now you may be aware that PM Harper has more recently put in some restrictions on new mortgages, making them a bit harder to acquire, and reversing changes previously implemented to make houses easier to buy. Don't worry, although these changes took effect March 18th, it is very unlikely that they will impact your house price until after PM Harper has received his new majority on May 2, and that of course is what is most important. The Tory party explicitly provides no warranty on home prices after May 2!

For those sheeple who may have read a bit more on the housing issue, or fear that Canada may follow the path constructed by the Republican party in the US let me say this: There is no truth to comments that the Canadian housing bubble is just like the US bubble, just on a delayed path. Yes, the Canadian market did only really get going after PM Harper's election in 2006, and after he brought in more mortgage competition and less regulation, and easier terms, but those are just inconvenient facts. The important thing is that your house has gone up in value and it continues to at least hold that value. Really, what else is important?

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