Sunday, April 17, 2011

Harper vs. Martin

Well fellow sheeple it looks like the Liberals are getting desperate. This weekend they trotted out that old war horse Paul Martin to help out poor Iggy. Don't they know how badly Martin will look in comparison to PM Harper. What can they be thinking?

Let's start by looking at just how differently PM Harper and Paul Martin look at the world. When Paul Martin was Finance Minister he would always "under promise and over deliver".  So for example he would say the budget deficit would be $15 billion, but then at the last moment it would come in at only $5 billion. This was outright and calculated deception inflicted on the Canadian people. We saw it year after year like budget surpluses projected at $3 billion that ended up being $12 billion. Martin was ruthlessly focused on paying down the debt and would go as far as deceiving Canadians and depriving them of their deserved tax cuts just to reach his goals. All we got from his tenure was reduced deficits, then surpluses, and then a lower national debt.

PM Harper and his Finance Minister Jim Flaherty did nothing of the sort. They stayed focused on cutting taxes, no matter what the economic situation. They made sure that they always "over promised and under delivered", no trickery at all. When the economy was going well (July 1, 2006) The Harper team made a bold move to return money to the Canadian public by cutting the GST to 6% from 7%. Then on Jan 1, 2008 they cut it further to 5%. On Oct 30, 2007 they boldly announced $60 billion in tax cuts! Wow, finally a government focused on giving money back to the people.

Of course there were some that questioned whether giving people tax cuts (which stimulate the economy) was a wise thing to do whilst the Bank of Canada was aggressively raising interest rates to try and slow down the economy, but they were probably just Liberals who wanted to use all that tax cut money to pay down more of the debt before the next recession came along. Who says you can't have your foot on both the gas and the brake pedal at the same time?

Of course we once again do have huge budget deficits in Canada. But, we also know that it is in NO way due to the stupid generous tax cuts given to the sheeple by Mr. Flaherty. It's just that with the recession tax revenues went down and expenses went up. After all who could have known that a recession was coming, and who could have known that tax cuts would actually lead to a decline in revenue and an increase in budget deficits. Certainly not any Conservative we have ever talked to.

As we look to the future, and a Harper majority government, we know that all the new tax cuts and tax benefits and tax credits being promised will lead to a much better financial picture. There is no truth to the rumour that all the tax cuts will actually lead to a reduction in revenue and bigger deficits. That just can not happen. Just remember the tried and true Tory approach - over promise and under deliver.

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