Sunday, April 10, 2011

Doing your job

My fellow sheeple I must congratulate you on your work so far in this campaign. I took a drive around several areas of town and I have to say I am impressed with the way you have bought into the PM Harper campaign. 

As I drove through the working class and poorer areas of the riding it warmed my heart to see the number of Conservative signs sitting proudly on people's lawns. Sheeple you are really doing your job!

But ... as I drove around the middle class and wealthier parts of the riding I was a little shocked to see that red liberal signs seemed to outnumber the Tory blue signs. Something does seem to be amiss.

So ... I have a request of you, my fellow sheeple. When you go back to work on Monday make sure you talk to your bosses and middle managers. Make sure they understand that PM Harper is working for all Canadians, not just the poor and less well-off.

If you need a bit of extra ammunition I suggest using a wonderful little story that we picked up from the latest US demonstrations. You see there is this businessman, an employee, and welfare recipient sitting around a table with 12 cookies on it. The businessman takes 11 of the cookies then leans over to the employee and whispers "Be careful, that welfare recipient wants to steal your cookie!"

Now I am guessing the point of the story may not be all that clear to you, but don't worry, if you tell this to your boss or manager I can assure you they will get the message right away. Try it out and let's make sure even the wealthy are voting Tory this time.

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